Ken Burns Twain Bio

Mark Twain, or Samuel Clements, grew up just like any other boy in his time.  He had to work for everything he had in the fight or flight mentality of the time.  These hardships and pain allowed him to gain his humor that made him famous to this day.  His exploration into the human soul is what made him unique.  Twain knew one thing for sure, and that was that every human has a sense of adventure in them. He used this fundamental piece of human character as he wrote riveting tales such as Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.  As his pen flowed across the page in an exposé of literacy expertise, so too did his life flow in highs and lows.  Twain had to work hard to support his family’s lavish lifestyle.  He would disappear for months at a time on the lecture circuit where he would make people laugh, but he was thinking about his family the entire time.  Twain had a knack for knowing what people wanted to hear. This allowed him to be very successful in brightening the lives of thousands of people and made him one of the most influential writers in American literature history.



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2 Responses to Ken Burns Twain Bio

  1. cecilemeierscherling says:

    I enjoyed reading your comment on how Twain´s humor established, through is tough young life. I have never considered how Twain´s hardship shaped his perspective and writing style. I did not really understand how “his exploration into the human soul made him unique”. I would suggest, to link your point more and go into detail about how this feature made him, his writing style and perspective so unique. However, all in all, it was a good new perspective on how his hardship shaped him.

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