Sorrow and Resilience



Mark Twain is a man went through things and different experiences in his life. The hardship in his life gave him a big gift for his success. The gift is resilience. Twain was born in a poor family so he had to work at the age of going to school. When Twain was elven, his father died. As a result, his first challenge in his life started: Twain has to live independently. Twain was not beat up by the fact that he has to feed himself: he successively worked as a printer, a newspaper deliverer, a typesetter in his brother’s magazine company. He tried to contribute with a dream of being a writer but it didn’t go well. However, God give him another strike in his life: Twain’s brother died in an explosion. Twain became a ship captain on Mississippi shortly after. However, the Civil War broke down his career of being a captain shortly after. This was another strike to his dream of being a captain. Twain decided to fight back against the destiny, so he travelled to the west and tried to earn money by doing gold mining. His gold mining travel did not go well. Also he witnessed other people’s suffering of life. This experience beat him down into a depression. He believed that life did not treat him equally and he was meant to lose for a long while. Maybe he realized that only having a heart with resilience and fighting back against life is the only way for him to come out of sarrow and depression. Twain started to spend time writing again. This time, everything comes to him who waits: one of Twain’s contributions made him famous and empowered his dream of writing. When there was nothing but sorrow in his life, Mark Twain kept fighting back and did not give up. He finally got famous and had his own family. It is the ups and downs in his life beat him down, but they also casted him strong resilience. It is the resilience and the unbeatable heart to make his sorrow, unfairness in life to fight back the obstacles in his life and make himself a successful realism writer.Life is filled with yin and yang: there is always a little bit of yin in the yang and there is always some yang in the yin. We can always find something useful from the hardships and sorrow.

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One Response to Sorrow and Resilience

  1. cparrow9 says:

    This is some good insight into a strong contributing factor of what made Twain who he was. how much effect did each of these events you list have on twain individually? it may be beneficial to shorten the list of several events that changed his life down to the three most influential, and go deeper into a smaller amount of events, proving/explaining why or how they had so much impact on Twain’s life.

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