Traveling Opens The Mind

When Twain traveled through the America, he was inspired to write about many topics. No wonder Huck travels around and changes himself a lot. It also implies that Twain changed himself during his own travels. When Twain traveled around, he found some things really interesting and those things changed his attitude. For instance, he often met African-American. At that time period he does not like other people who think African-Americans are not human being. He has some African-American friends and one of them is the prototype of Jim. There are also some really important elements of his travel. He traveled through Mississippi River and saw many example of racism, and that is before and after the Civil War. Racism made him really mad. He decided to use his writing to speak out against racism.


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1 Response to Traveling Opens The Mind

  1. justinlevsky says:

    I think it’s great how you talk about how Twains experience traveling around the U.S affected his books such as Huck Finn. How do you think Twain being friends with African- Americans showed in Huck Finn? I believe that it could help if you went more in depth on how traveling showed in his books and how racism effected it.

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