It is a good meal or a bad meal

The sharing of bread and the meal representing communion in both positive and satire way enhances the meaning of multiple literature works, which draws the allusion to the last supper in bible. In The Sun Also Rises, Jake had wine with Bill after fishing, which is followed by a large amount of description of scenery and Jake’s feeling about Brett. In chapter twelve, Jake first reveals his feeling towards Brett. “’Were you ever in love with her?’ ‘Sure’”. This revealing of emotion and thoughts along with the sharing of wine was allusion to the last meal and indicates the meaning of communion. In Beloved, such meaning is also reflected. “Loaves and fishes were His powers.” On the day of Baby Beloved’s death, a party is held, which ends up having enough food for the entirely town, such allusion from the last meal largely enhances love and community of the themes of the book. On the other hand, the allusion can also be used as irony such as it in Animal Farm, where the animal had the “happy” meal with human in the end, representing the fake communion and the de- humanity of both sides. “”gentlemen, I give you a toast: To the prosperity of Animal Farm!’” Such toast was a merely fake communion that was based on the interest and never the belief, which indicates the irony of the novel- ugliness of human and political system.Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.03.50 PM.png

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  1. rishi527 says:

    Hey Zoey, your motif of sharing bread and having a meal is one that is prevalent throughout many American literature novels and plays. I like how you chose the example of Jake and Brett’s fishing trip from “The Sun Also Rises” because they drank wine just as the Apostles drank wine at the Last Supper in the Bible. In order to polish your blog post, I recommend that you add an image that describes your motif of breaking bread and categorize your blog post. Do you also think that you could connect this motif to “The Great Gatsby,” like when Gatsby has lunch with Daisy and Tom at their house? Finally, your blog post is exceptional in how you describe your motif in connection to Jake and Brett’s fishing trip. 🙂

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