Langston Hughes

Despite the common knowledge that Langston Hughes was an African American poet who wrote about the American Dream, many people do not know background of his life. His mother and father separated after he was born, which caused his mother to travel a great deal to find better job opportunities. Therefore, Hughes spent much of his early life with his grandmother up until her death, causing him to live with his mother. The death of his grandmother really affected his life because he had never truly felt loved by his parents. As he attended high school, his transferred the loss of his grandmother into a love for poetry, where he was inspired by Carl Sandburg and Walt Whitman. Overall, his life growing up without his parents playing a large role impacted his writing career and eventually took him to Columbia University, which was the beginning of his career writing about the American Dream and the Harlem Renaissance. Although he dropped out of Columbia University, he did not give up his dream of writing poetry and continued his work while in Paris and other parts of the world. His first published novel, Not Without Laughter, is most likely a depiction of his life growing up and focuses on an African American who deals with parents who do not have the same beliefs. From then on, Hughes continued to thrive as a poet, writing many different types of poetry which ranged from novels to groups of poems to just short poems by themselves. Even though many Americans only know Langston Hughes as a man who wrote about dreams for the future, there were many aspects of Hughes’ life that led up to his career writing about topics like discrimination and equality, which are usually not discussed by the average American.2015-02-02-LangstonHughes

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  1. katerookey says:

    Lexi, I really like the fact that you examined how Langston Hughes’ background affected his career and writing style. Is their a particular poem that discusses a home dynamic or parents? I think overall this is a great blog post and maybe it could be polished by tying the thesis back to his poetry. Nice work!

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