Breaking Many Barriers

 Arthur Ashe, a professional tennis player and activist, widely broke many racial barriers through his talents not only as a tennis player, but also as an all-around leader.  Arthur Ashe was and still is to this day, the only African- American tennis player to win the singles title at major open; Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, and the Australian Open.  In addition to this very highly achieved accomplishment, Arthur Ashe is also the first African American man to become the world number one ranked tennis player on tour.  From a very early age in Arthur Ashe’s life, Ashe was always different from the rest of crowd.  Ashe only picked up his first tennis racket at the age of seven.  Upon graduating number one in his high school class, Arthur Ashe attended University of California, Los Angeles, which had one of the best tennis teams in the country.   After graduating from UCLA, Arthur Ashe became a professional tennis player.  Ashe’s fundamentals and leadership allowed him to become very successful.  Specifically, Ashe played with many tour professionals as a doubles team.  This portrays Ashe’s leaderships and kind nature on the tennis court, which also allowed him to become a well respected campaigner.  Ashe was, as mentioned above, the only African-American tennis player to be successful at the time.  As a result, Ashe had to take leaps forward that one activist could barely manage to do, all by himself.  Arthur Ashe, one of the most prominent tennis players of all time, overcame many racial barriers in order to make progress as a young African-American tennis player.   In addition to being on the tennis team, Ashe had a passion for business, eventually graduating UCLA with a degree in business administration.  All these characteristics that Ashe carried ultimately pushed him to be a better player and activist as well.   By studying business administration, Ashe learned the paths to become a successful leader on the tennis court.  Ashe’s hard work and leadership that he portrayed on the tennis court, helped his ambitions to became a major activist and reformer.

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