Fennyman, An Essential Character

“Cut Off His Nose” scene

Shakespeare in Love is a movie tells a part of William Shakespeare’s life. There are many interesting characters making the movie attractive. Fennyman is one of them. Hugh Fenneyman, known as “the money”, finances the plays in Henslowe’s theater. As a essential character, Fennyman asks for his debt from Henslowe, which urges Shakespeare to write new plays. As a result, Fennyman’s debt indirectly spurs Shakespeare to write a new play Romeo and Juliet. As a result, Fennyman plays a siginificant role in structure. What’s more, Fennyman changes alone the development of the movie. At the beginning, Fennyman is someone puts money at the first place. He does not respect actors and play writors. He called himself “the money” when Ned Allen makes fun of him in the theater. However, after being an actor, the druggist, he puts effort in the play and he gradually transport his view of value from money to passion of life. He might start his role for money, but the play Romeo and Juliet truly changes him into a new person.


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