The Office CPR Scene

The Office CPR scene is one of the funniest scenes in the series. After Stanley’s heart attack, the office has to do CPR training, and as most things that happen in the show, it goes off the rails. This scene is very comedic because of all the different personalities in the cast. For example, Michael Scott takes everything literal, so he brings up the fact that the dummy has no limbs and then compares Kevin, who is known throughout the show not to be the smartest person, to a person without limbs after Kevin wonders what it would be like to not have any limbs. Creed interjects with his usual random statements that completely blindsides the audience with its stupidity. To wrap up all of the chaos, Dwight decides to cut out the organs of the dummy and wear its face for no other reason than just being Dwight, which he later learns is a bad thing to do. During all of this, the instructor gets very uncomfortable from all the singing and other antics from the office, which end up making her seem like the odd one even though she is really the only normal person in the office. This irony creates a hilarious effect because she seems so out of place with all of the chaos going on. All of these personalities of the cast combine to create entertaining situations throughout every episode and keep you guessing what could possibly happen next.

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