This short scene is part of the movie ‘Meet the parents’, starring Ben Stiller, Robert de Niro, Owen Wilson and Teri Polo. The movie plot is based on the relationship there exists between Robert de Niro and Ben Stiller, who is dating his daughter. De Niro tries to challenge him in many different ways because he does not trust him. Ben Stiller tries his best to improve himself but he has a series of unfortunate events, which make this desire even worse; the pool scene is one of them.


The funny aspect of this scene is the untalented volleyball skills that Ben Stiller has; he breaks part of a table and his sister in law’s nose. In addition, to make the scene more comic, they put him in the same team as his father in law, Robert de Niro. Because of his great level of competitiveness, Robert de Niro does not want to lose the volleyball game. The only way to achieve success is by not letting Ben Stiller play the ball because he will miss it. Throughout the scene, we see that Ben Stiller notices that fact and gets angry with Robert. This is another aspect that entertains the audience and makes it even funnier. Finally, the most striking moment is located at the end of the scene. Ben Stiller’ character is basically someone who has a series of unfortunate events that affect his wife’s family . At the end, he receives the ball and does a good and powerful throw, but it unfortunately hits his sister in law’s face and breaks her nose. Thanks to the director’s imagination and creativity, we are capable of considering this scene as a good example of comedy. Comparing this scene to Shakespeare’s plays, we argue that both share same ways of fooling the characters.


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