A Colorful Town of Modernism


Oscar Florianus Bluemner, “Form and Light”

The painting by Bluemner shows a picture of a small town in New Jersey. But he uses simple and abstract to show the outline of the town. He also mixes up the color of the objects in his painting, which shows that he wants the audience to participate in analyzing the painting and come out with their own conclusion. The town can be Bluemner’s hometown. The warm color he presents in his painting can bring the audience the feeling of familiar places. However, the strange color of the objects can also indicate that the town seems to be unusual and strange to the Bluemner. The town could be changed a lot and the painter does not recognize the “old town” his used to live. The simple figures are fragmental content. They can be decoded as the Bluemner does not remember the details of the town. There is also no person on the street, which reflect the loneliness and alienation that he feels at this moment.


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