Piccaso’s Sketch on Spain

downloadIn the painting “Guernica,” by Pablo Picasso, he mixed two different types of modernism which are Surrealism and Cubism together. The Cow in the drawing represents the totalitarianism in Spain and the horse represents Spanish citizens under pressure of totalitarianism. Pablo Picasso uses fragmented drawing, isolation of different colors and dividing sections using colors and lines. Dark colors seem to represent the mood of the city Guernica and the people of Guernica. The straight lines and distinctive colors show that each figure and colors are isolated and separated from each other and not mixed together. Also, Picasso doesn’t show a single figure as a whole but all attached together on different sides.

Picasso once said towards a German general that “You people drew this painting, not me.” This shows that Picasso drew in the atmosphere that he felt in the picture.


Source : http://www.museoreinasofia.es/en/collection/artwork/guernica

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