Women Can Work, Too


“It’s a Tradition With Us, Mister!” by J. Howard Miller

In a time when propaganda was a big deal and society said that women must not work, J. Howard Miller came up with a poster that would change all beliefs and persuade women to hop into the work force. Posters were the “social media” of their era, unlike the social media nowadays. J. Howard Miller wanted to experiment with new forms, which is one of the topics for modernism. As propaganda became more popular, people would realize that women were a great deal to the Army as seen from the posters. He designed this poster to have two women both working on the home front. This helped persuade more women to work in the Army, which is another reason how modernism is used by the act of a new literary form. When people would look at these posters, they would not only see women, but they would see them in a new form. They were extremely necessary to the Army because of the shortage of men, but it was soon noticed that they were actually needed because they could get the jobs done. After J. Howard Miller created these posters, he helped change society by showing that it is fine that women are trying to go out in the world and take over a man’s job.

Source: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/535414

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