Noah’s Perseverance​ on His Ark


Hannah Emmett’s watercolor depiction of Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark and The Flood continues to be one of the most commonly told biblical stories today. The passage demonstrates the importance of perseverance, a motif and a lesson that continually appear in literary works of merit throughout multiple centuries, as well as art. The central concept of perseverance is prevalent in Noah’s Ark because of the isolation and harsh conditions that he and his family endured. The watercolor painting created by Hannah Emmett demonstrates this idea of perseveres by her use of cool tones and harsh lines. She also separates Noah, making the isolation he would have felt distinct and powerful. This motif of perseverance is also evident in many works of literary merit. In the era of romanticism, The Scarlet Letter, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, demonstrates perseverance when Hester Prynne must persist through the hardship her community evokes on her after her sins are revealed. Her community casts her aside, making her an outcast on the outskirts of town, something relevant to Noah because of the isolation he and his family experienced on the ark. During the era of realism, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, written by Mark Twain, also exemplifies the motif of perseverance in a few different ways. The most prominent example is Huck’s journey on the raft down the Mississippi River when he and Jim must survive on only the bare necessities. While Noah had access to family and food, he was also stranded on a boat for months, living off of only what they had limited access to. For the era of modernism, perseverance is prevalent in The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This novel contains a key example of perseverance when after meeting Daisy for the first time, all of Gatsby’s actions prove to have one central objective, to win her over. However, money becomes a deciding factor between the two of them and their relationship. Gatsby perseveres after his loss of the woman he loves and continues to do so until he is as successful as he possibly can be. The Great Gatsby also demonstrates the power that isolation can have over a character. Nick feels as though he is floating through a sea of people as a passive observer, almost like Noah alone on his Ark. These three examples of works of literary merit, in addition to Hannah Emmett’s painting, all represent the importance of perseverance throughout the bible story of Noah’s Ark and The Flood.


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1 Response to Noah’s Perseverance​ on His Ark

  1. shanedonahue1 says:

    Great post Carrie! I love the painting, I think watercolorings are an underutilized medium and I love the artists use of harsh lines with in it, and it highlights the specific motifs within the story that you discuss in your post very well. However, I think you could focus more on the isolation that the characters feel / endure in the Great Gatsby. Like how is Nick floating through this sea of people as a passive observer like Noah alone on his Ark? Again a really great post, nice work!

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