Adrienne Rich Inspired Media

Adrienne Rich, a modern American poet, has inspired many pieces of media during and after her lifetime. As a writer and poet, Rich has used her status to encourage the improvement of women’s rights and the many other minorities that still experience prejudice and inequality. One of the most significant events in her life was when she refused to accept the National Medal of Arts because she did not agree with the Clinton administration and their obsession with power. Rich and her fellow contestants accepted the award on behalf of all women, instead of Rich taking it for her own. This action was extremely important and bold because it caught the attention of people and made them think about the world they were living in and how they can make it better by treating each other equally. Rich was very passionate about her views on rights and equality; she made sure to incorporate such motives through her poetry. During a video created by Democracy Now!, after Rich had passed away, the speakers highlighted all of Rich’s extraordinary achievements and how they have affected society today. The speakers convey to readers how her poetry and advocacy to women’s rights have put women as a whole in the “spotlight” throughout the past century. Through Rich’s help, women have come together and have become more confident in their in society. The speakers then highlight the groundbreaking movements she made towards women’s rights, also pointing out her bold movement when refusing to accept the Medal of Art. The video shows watchers the overall impact Rich has had on the world and how it will influence the future of women’s rights along with equality as a whole. The video also includes interviews from Rich’s friends and how they have been impacted by her. They talked to Alice Walker who was not very close with Rich, but was able to see her integrity and knew that her poetry was truly meaningful. She then addressed how she accepted the award for the Medal of Art with Rich because she knew that it would show the impact of women coming together to protest the “growing concentration of power” within the United States. Rich wants people to see that she does not think that art should be a part of politics because it is too respected and only has a space for social justice. The film ends with another statement from Alice Walker, again highlighting Rich’s integrity that was so much admired. She then concludes with how people should take Rich’s legacy and use it as motivation and hope to make a stance in society. Overall, Rich has influenced many new steps in improving the quality of life for people experiencing inequality. Media has been inspired by Rich’s passionate ideas and shows how her poetry has and still will influence the world.

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2 Responses to Adrienne Rich Inspired Media

  1. Alex Pisacreta says:

    This is a very interesting lyrics and sonnet as a lot of it talks about how you shouldn’t try to go for perfection all the time, you gonna make mistakes in life and people are going to try to come at you once you make your mistake, but you gotta just block them out and keep living your life to the fullest. The author seems to be in a dark place as he needs to “Look to heaven”, The author seems to live his life by doing things perfect, and living that way can be very tiring. It can make your life harder and make it a lot more stressful.

  2. wrolapp says:

    This is an interesting poem/song that gives the audience a dark feeling when reading it. I love the comparisons that he makes with the kitchen appliances and feelings. “There were shelf loads of patience, There were shelf loads of care”. I love the dialogue here because it reveals what used to be. In this home there used to be patience, care, forgiveness, but it has vanished. I love those comparisons the writer makes. In the second stanza the author uses metaphor to express the tone. “Clouds and eclipses stain the moon and the sun and history reeks of the wrongs we have done”.It sounds as if the speaker regrets something that is eating him alive and expresses it through the metaphor of the cloud.

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