Keeping it Real: A Podcast on Real Life by Brandon Taylor

To conclude our PBL project, we took to the mic and created a podcast centered around our discussions of Brandon Taylor’s Real Life. Listen to it here on Soundcloud.

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10 Responses to Keeping it Real: A Podcast on Real Life by Brandon Taylor

  1. diepk21 says:

    You all gave me a good sense of what Real Life was truly about. I appreciated hearing from many people and having those slight changes in style and interpretation.

  2. Megan Swanson says:

    Not having read this book, I really appreciated the quotes, examples, and summary you gave. Your ideas were easy to follow and super interesting to hear. Good job!

  3. mileshenle says:

    Great job on the podcast! I loved all of the examples and quotations. I really got a feel for the writing style and language of the book.

  4. Samantha D'Angelo says:

    I enjoyed the depiction Jenna provided with the metaphor of the glass. I think it was a great choice to show insight into a novel I have not read yet. Good job describing the quote and describing the importance behind it. Overall, the group did a great job in this podcast.

  5. aidenattianese says:

    Great job conveying the resounding loneliness that Wallace faces and picking apart the inner workings of his emotions.

  6. 21slc says:

    I really like the way you guys dig into Wallace as a character, and how many of the undertones of the campus exist not only around Wallace but also in him, and he almost shames himself for his feelings and intuitions. All the examples and quotes really drive this point.

  7. Joe says:

    I enjoyed the intro music was upbeat and grabbed my attention. Overall, I thought that the podcast was really good, I enjoyed how Emelia gave a nice summary of the book so we could understand what was going on and how the conversation flows really well between all the group members.

  8. carlylitt says:

    Your podcast is great and provides and informative discussion of Real Life by Brandon Taylor. I enjoyed the explanation of the roots of Taylor’s problems as depicted by the main character, Wallace. The specific examples and quotes from the book assist in supporting the various topics discussed in this podcast.

  9. normanslate says:

    I loved the theme of silence. It’s so interesting how the silence is what allowed them to grow. Especially as a child, I think the silence is interesting–How Wallace used to use the fan specifically to avoid silence. It’s a tricky theme to find, but you nailed it.

  10. Great balance of voices and contributions. Solid music selection. Sounded professional!

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