Burnt Sugar Student Podcast

Suffield Academy’s English IV honors class did a deep dive into modern literature this winter! Selecting among the Booker Prize 2020 Short List of novels, our group chose Avni Doshi’s Booker Prize Listed Novel Burnt Sugar and explored themes of ailing memory, troubled relationships, communication, and the past’s connections to the present. This engaging podcast highlights our thoughts, observations, and questions throughout the story and the relationships in it in a fun lit conversation! We really enjoyed connecting virtually to create this.  

The song located at the beginning and end of the conversation is “Slipping Through My Fingers” by ABBA, a melancholy song about motherhood and letting go of youth. We feel this song underscores the complexity of mother-daughter relationships explored in the novel. Please give our podcast a listen and enjoy! 

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2 Responses to Burnt Sugar Student Podcast

  1. daviswarren2 says:

    Although I didn’t read Burnt Sugar, if I was an english teacher prepping student to read this book, this podcast would be a great intro to the novel. It provides a solid foundation in which to build your framework for reading the novel.

  2. Reagan says:

    I really enjoyed your commentary on this complex mother daughter relationship. I think that it is such an important aspect of post-colonialism that often does not get a platform. This relationship between mother and daughter that you discussed really opened my eyes to the negative impact that parents can have on their children.

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