A Journey Through The Wilderness

The stepping away from composing a traditional paper and crafting a podcast allowed groups to choose and develop multiple ideas rather than being stuck to one. “The Circle of Life” by Elton John was our chosen song to fit alongside our podcast on The New Wilderness by Diane Cook regarding the significant influence of animals on the lives of Agnes, Bea, and the rest of the community. As Agnes grows up in the wilderness, she lacks a leader that is truthful to her. Throughout the story, the animals become her leader and guide her and the group in the right direction. Agnes was able to find her place through a series of heartbreak and growth just by learning to listen to her instincts and follow the animals. When she found herself motherless and alone, she finds peace in her new home of the wilderness.  

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9 Responses to A Journey Through The Wilderness

  1. diepk21 says:


  2. sarahkurbanov says:

    I really enjoyed your discussion of the use of nature in the plot of the novel! The cohesiveness between the community and the wilderness around it is very interesting. Also, your enthusiasm is contagious

  3. msantopietro says:

    Nice guys!! Total example of Cli-fi. She’s right, we can learn a lot from the earth (our mother!!)

  4. carlylitt says:

    I really enjoyed the intro music it was very fitting for the podcast! The back and forth conversation throughout the podcast is great. The examples used help to understand the relationship between man and nature. Great podcast!

  5. Emma says:

    I like how you mentioned the importance of animals in this story and the “animal strategy”. The unification of the humans and animals definitely a large part of the novel because as you mentioned, the “Man v Nature” theme is one of the most recurring ones.

  6. mileshenle says:

    I loved the connection you made with the Community and the Wilderness. That example with the birds deer really showed the almost telepathic link between all of them, and I totally missed it.

  7. Megan Swanson says:

    10/10 music choice! I enjoyed hearing your driving question and listening to you connect it to specific examples from the text. Great insights!

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