The Shadow King Podcast

Nearing the end of winter term, final papers are common across many classes. Creating a podcast with this lit group allowed for discussion. This podcast was great because the groupwork and collaboration for the month of February enabled deep discussion. Hearing from members of my group not only answered my questions on the novel but inspired me to think more creatively and come up with more questions. Writing a paper would include only my thoughts, while group work allowed for a productive discussion that was turned into something greater, a podcast. 

Making a podcast was not only exciting and fun, but it also refined our perspective on the novel.  We were able to bounce our ideas off each other and enriched our discussion of the themes/symbols of the novel by each bringing a unique take on how we interpreted the story. In doing this, we were also able to better understand parts that we struggled with and create theories on how we thought the story would play out next. It made the learning process much more interactive and enjoyable, especially since we were able to celebrate our journey through a 4 minute podcast and talk about what interested each of us. I believe each of our points, while different, came together to form a cohesive idea on hybridity and the catalyst for women becoming influential soldiers and leaders during the war.  

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3 Responses to The Shadow King Podcast

  1. Julia Laquerre says:

    Amethyst, your blog post perfectly captures the benefits of having a lit circle! Discussing a book is much more productive than writing an essay because you can hear other people’s thoughts and as you said “refine our perspective on the novel”. The podcast was very interesting and makes me really want to read Shadow King.

  2. msantopietro says:

    I really loved your podcast! I think the use of your song is really powerful and amplifies the message you’re trying to convey.

  3. huntertrxn says:

    I loved the song choice – it lends well to the context and ambience of the novel. I also really liked your discussion of Aster as an incredibly nuanced character.

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