We ARE Talking About This

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Let us talk about what no one is talking about: No One Is Talking About This, Patricia Lockwood’s Booker Prize Nominated novel. Over the past few months, we have dived into this unique story of a woman living in the modern world of technology. We found that this is a story unlike any other, with an interesting connection to our own lives.  

Lockwood’s Novel is rooted in drawing out the thousands of memes, references and thoughts that exist in our minds and putting them onto paper. It reflects how the focus of our lives has slowly shifted from what is around us to what is online. Her distinctive writing style gives the novel a unique feel and is crucial to her overall theme. The fragmented lines of thought and random hashtags train the reader to think twice before absorbing information.  

Lockwood’s novel makes a statement about authenticity. Lockwood pushes readers to reconnect with themselves and separate social media’s beliefs from their own. This message is one that is quite common in today’s novels, but one that is presented to the reader in a completely unique manor. Tessa, Izzy and Suleni break down Lockwood’s novel and then piece it together. Listen below to 21st century honors English students dive headfirst into modern literature. Enjoy the podcast and leave a comment below!  

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5 Responses to We ARE Talking About This

  1. Ben Warner says:

    Great points! I like the way you guys compare the book to our real lives. Also, I like the way that you introduce your thoughts with clarifying setting info because it makes it easy to understand what you guys are thinking.

  2. Max Henderson says:

    I love the open conversation and casual format of this podcast. You guys built off of each others ideas in a great way.

  3. carolinergreco says:

    I love the structure of your podcast, how it was a discussion between the three of you. I like how you quoted the book and were able to connect the book to real life. You gave great insight into the book and broke it down to make it easy to understand. Great podcast!

  4. Awesome podcast! You were all very clear and concise with your details, and using quotes from the book and connecting it to our real lives made it very fun and interesting to listen to. Your stance and main point was clear, and most importantly, it was engaging and educational!

  5. Great job with this, it sounds like a great book with meaningful messages. I love the natural conversation and how you guys transitioned from one idea to the next.

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