Robin and Theo vs. The World

Powers’ Bewilderment is a story about a bright, special needs boy, Robin, who is engaged with the natural world, and his father, Theo, who is struggling to overcome the grief of the only loving woman in both of their lives—Aly. Their passion for all things in nature, outer space, and environmental activism, reflects their growing relationship as well as always keeping Aly, a past lobbyist for climate change, in their lives. However, Robin’s sincere desire to learn creates conflict for this grief-stricken family. Theo must decide how he is going to control Robin’s dangerous behavior without losing their innocent relationship. This novel explores many unique themes including grief, mental health, environmental activism, and parenting. The nature imagery that trickles throughout heightens the tension of the ‘cry for help’ message towards climate change that Powers’ is trying to display. The reader can take many thoughtful insights about the novel, and because of the diversity of the themes, it could be very different from our podcaster’s views. Trent, Hannah, and Hope are excited for you to find your passions in this novel. Feel free to leave a comment below to continue this conversation.  

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5 Responses to Robin and Theo vs. The World

  1. cyj020410 says:

    I appreciate the insightful comments and connections beyond the novel itself. I love the energy throughout the podcast as well. I could really feel their passion towards this book!

  2. suleni sabio says:

    The Ophelia song is really beautiful. I enjoy the excitement and authenticity in your voices as you all speak of the book. “We learn as if tomorrow will be an exact clone of today” This is the line that stuck with me the most. Normally when it comes to the future of our environment I’m quite pessimistic but the truth of the matter is the education system could truly change our future. This brings light to a lot of important issues. I enjoy the debate aspect of this podcast as well.

  3. Chris Jones says:

    I loved the debate regarding who the protagonist of the book is. Each side brought up valid points while still maintaining a conversation. I also appreciated the emphasis that was placed on the relationship between Theo and Robin, and how they influenced one another. This podcast was a wonderful listen!

  4. carolinergreco says:

    I love how you all fed off each other and built off of what each member of the podcast said. I also like how you dove deep into the novel and then began a debate on who the main character is. It made the podcast very entertaining by being able to hear the different perspectives. How you debated the book made me want to read the book and form my own opinions.

  5. Tessa Heick says:

    I really enjoyed the discussion about who the main character of the book was, or even if it had a main character at all. Was it a story about Robin’s struggle, or Theo’s parenting, or just a family trying to find the balance of it all? I thought everyone had really interesting input, and I thought there was great discussion and examination of evidence.

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