Tackling Injustice in The Fortune Men

The Fortune Men, by Nadifa Mohamed, is a compelling historical novel that examines the societal norms of racial injustice. The plot revolves around the palpable tension between Violet, who was gruesomely murdered outside of her families’ shop, and a petty thief, Mahmood, who struggles to provide for his family and is wrongfully convicted of Violet’s murder. Evidence of racism, classism, gender discrimination compounded by grief are all present within the beginning chapters. Racism is showcased through the lens of Mahmood’s marriage with Laura, where her family disapproves of her intimacy with a black man. Mohamed showcases this blatant racism when the police come knocking on Mahmood’s boarding house door, questioning all of the black men about the murder, entering without a warrant, simply because they’re black. Introducing strong themes so early on grasps the reader’s attention to see how the Cardiff’s unfair and discriminatory society plays a role in the rest of the novel. The novel dramatizes systemic racism in the British justice system.

Written by your favorite HQPBL authors: Hannah, Trent, Jae, Sander, Ben, and Jina.



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