PBL Podcast *The Fortune Men Edition* (Feat. Caroline, Chris, Fiona, & Henry)

The Fortune Men by Nadifa Mohamed is set in Cardiff, Wales during the 1950s. Mohamed waited for this book to be her third novel for it to be the best quality possible. Nadifa has done justice to the protagonist Mahmood’s story especially because he had a connection to her father. The story deals with the ideas of the immigrant life and all the hardships they face, including racism, religious strife, and the sense of a lack of belonging. Throughout the book, Nadifa illustrates how Mahmood displays virtues of perseverance and courage, but how they also hurt him. In this podcast, we will discuss the major themes of the book and how we have grown as a group through this PBL process. 

Click the link at the top of the post to listen now! 

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