The Ins and Outs of Bewilderment

Suleni Sabio-Arzu (SEL Scholar)

This podcast will describe the relationship between Richard Powers’ Bewilderment and the presence of Social/Emotional Learning in the classroom. Bewilderment is a novel bringing to light the issues that Special Needs Families face on a daily basis. As a Widowed father, Theo Byrne is faced with navigating school relations all on his own. Here is my take on Bewilderment by Richard Powers in relation to the movies Inside Out, a film exploring the social and emotional depths of childhood.

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1 Response to The Ins and Outs of Bewilderment

  1. hshiftan says:

    Great correlation between Bewilderment and The Promise through adolescence. This point allows the reader to see both stories through a similar lens.

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