Small Podcasts like These

Our #Smallthingslikethese #litcircle did a deep podcast discussion on the themes and inspirations of the #ClairKeegan novel. Listen to us break down the main ideas of this Christmas Carol retelling and share our meaningful insights on the message of empathy in a patriarchal and poverty-ridden society. 

Signed, BANJ.

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2 Responses to Small Podcasts like These

  1. Juana says:

    Creative title!!

  2. emiliaboino says:

    Having also read Small Things Like These, I agree that the overarching theme is charity although there are darker undertones. I also found that this story follows the general format of A Christmas Carol, where Bill Furlong and Scrooge are similar characters. Both Scrooge and Furlong go from frugal to very giving.

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