Examining Hamlet to recognize Mental Health– Then & Now

Through both medias, our Hamlet comic and our podcast, Anna, Emilia, and I (Kira) explore different perspectives of Hamlet in modern times. Our comic strip is a modern twist of a scene from Hamlet and exemplifies the weight of social media in today’s world. Our podcast dives into the implications of social media on mental health and ties into the CASEL principles of addressing social and emotional learning. We hope that through our projects we can shine a light on modern issues in the way we communicate today. Here is a link to the CASEL website for more information: https://casel.org/

Thank you and enjoy:)

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1 Response to Examining Hamlet to recognize Mental Health– Then & Now

  1. emilymagiera says:

    Wow remarkable work! Love how you incorporated the modern issues of technology and cyber bullying into William Shakespeare’s plays to highlight the relevance that Shakespeare has. This enlightens the problems with social media that are sometimes overlooked. This modern take on “Hamlet” does an outstanding job at proving how Shakespeare is still important for today’s society, even with different circumstances.

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