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Not much is known about Brendan Donahue, he was first found and raised by a small pack of wolves in the upper Arctic circle. He's hobbies include professional equestrian as well as underwater basket weaving. Beyond that the international man of mystery remains an enigma.

Discovering the Whig Party

When first founded, the Whig Party had been assembled by a group of men that all shared a common interest, in stopping the seventh president of the United States of America, Andrew Jackson. They did not agree with many of … Continue reading

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Ladies of the Past

In project based learning we are constantly looking for new things to help aid our class in the goal of finding more on the history of both Suffield and all of Connecticut but also what relationship the underground railroad has … Continue reading

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A Look into the Sources

Charter oak document The main purpose of this document was to find/ and or show that there was a part of the Underground Railroad that went through Suffield Connecticut.  Apart from Suffield actually being included many other cities and towns … Continue reading

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Discovering a missing piece

On this website we found a missing piece to the puzzle that is the history of the Underground Railroad, Charles Sherman.  Ever since looking at the Charter Oak volume 1 and seeing that Suffield plays apart in both the Underground … Continue reading

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Samuel Deming, His wife, and His home

This brief, but informative article helps shed light to the topic of abolitionist movement and the helping of the underground railroad in 1800 Farmington.  While it may not be the biggest of articles or the most important to surround Farmington … Continue reading

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Ross farm famously help the abolitionist movement

            In this article, we can see one of the famous houses in Florence, MA was the Ross Farm, known for its connections to helping the abolitionist movements.  The importance of this article is that … Continue reading

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The Charter Oak Document Review

One of the most important primary sources, that sparked interested in this topic, is a special document by Charter Oak.  In class, the topic of slaves and the abolitionist movement have been frequently discussed, and with these topics we go … Continue reading

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