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Growth Through the Trees

How do can you love someone who has treated you like a slave your entire life? They say blood is thicker than water, but what if the blood has been tainted with filling your family with evil. It took Orlando … Continue reading

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The Vintage Future

In Shakespeare’s play, Much Ado about Nothing, it’s clear to see that the heart and soul of the play lies within the comedic wordplay of Beatrice and Benedict. Being the life of the play their wit and integrity constantly gets … Continue reading

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The Lost Jock

There’s comedy in thinking the most popular and attractive kid in school gets nervous around the opposite sex. The reason being that it’s rare like in the sense of a unicorn. It’s a general stereotype that the hottest guy/girl should … Continue reading

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The Transformation

In the opening Scene of the movie “Shakespeare in Love” we are introduced to Fennyman as a corrupt and cruel loan shark. He lends large sums of money out knowing his associates will not be able to pay it back … Continue reading

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