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Robert The Caterer

Robert Hayden was an artist without the recognition he deserved. He is often thrown in with names like Eliot or Hughes, yet is not widely known like they are. Many people simply chalk Hayden up to being another African American … Continue reading

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Biblical Allusions In American Literature: The Flood

There are many motif elements present in The Flood. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the motif of water and its cleansing, rebirth, and test-of-self factors are very present. In the bible God explains to Noah that he will make … Continue reading

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The Backseat with the Mirabals

By the last chapters of this novel, I felt as though I was in the back seat of the truck in the last scene with the Mirabal sisters. The intensity and strong emotions conveyed to the reader by Julia Alvarez … Continue reading

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