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Jazz and Modernism

Harlem Renaissance and modernism are closely interconnected to each other. For instance, jazz music, part of Harlem Renaissance, creates modernistic mood. It is created in late 1800’s, and the music expresses African Americans’ feelings. Unlike to other music, the sounds … Continue reading

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Huck Infographic

When I created my infographic, I had to use my technology and artistic skills. Also, I tried to use constant colors and representative icons, so my infographic seems clear to people. It was hard for me how to explain each … Continue reading

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My Hometown: Seoul, Korea

Seoul has a long history that it had many names: Wirre, Hansan, Namguong, Hangyang. In ancient days, people got many benefits from the region because there is a river on the middle of the region, so the ground was fertile enough for agriculture. … Continue reading

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