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The Rose Theatre

In its prime the Rose Theatre paved the way for other theatres to be built. It was one of only four public theatres to be built in Elizabethan times. Only theatres like “The Curtain” and “The Theatre” were built before … Continue reading

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In the movie She’s the Man, the character Malvolio from Twelfth Night is represented in the form of Malcolm a high school teenager. Although his names has been slightly altered to suit the times they bare many similarities. Malcolm is … Continue reading

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Harlem Renaissance Art

Jacob Lawrence was the first mainstream African American Artist of his time, his Migration pieces are my favorite. This artwork depicts the journey that African Americans took to get to America. Lawrence talks about how as a young child although … Continue reading

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White Is The New Black- Oyikwan Asante

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My hometown

Modern Day Ghana Modern Day Ghana or the Gold Coast as it was formerly known as, gained its independence on March 6 1957. Prior to that date it was a British colony governed by British Governors. Ghana was the first … Continue reading

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