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Moses’ Journey in American Literature

Metaphors and motives of the Bible transcend the boundaries of worship and impact literature, even if the motive of the story is not religious in nature. Numbers are common in Bible stories, including Moses and the Israelites. The number 40 … Continue reading

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Christ Figures in American Literature

Of all Biblical allusions to use, the Christ figure motif is an excellent way of creating a powerful protagonist. Though Christ figures might share similarities, eras of American literature show that Christ figures can be incredibly diverse. Hester from Nathaniel … Continue reading

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Wiki edit: Dorothy Parker

Proposed edit: Add specific section on poetry. Include poetic works: Enough Rope, 1926, a best seller Sunset Gun 1928 Death and Taxes 1931 (source for these: Parker’s works) Focusing on poetry: Many of Parker’s poems were cynical and dealt with suicide, … Continue reading

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To the people of Yung Kee, a group of independent women are an anomaly. Though the girls who work long hours in the silk factory in Gail Tsukiyama’s Women of the Silk are initially sold into labor, they create among … Continue reading

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If you’re not a Puritan you’re gonna have a bad time

To understand early American literature, it is important to recognize how God-centric society was. From the video portraying the Anne Hutchinson vs. John Winthrop trial it is clear that any vaguely unorthodox word or actions went noticed and punished. Although it … Continue reading

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