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Home Run in Harlem

         After the first World War in 1919, two major events happened in American history that would set the tone for the future forever. First, the Harlem Renaissance years surfaced, and second, the first ever colored man … Continue reading

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The Darkness of Humor in Mark Twain’s Biography

While humor marks laughter, there exists a darker pain within it. Exploring into the world of Mark Twain’s darkness, it is understandable that he overcame his demons with laughter and humor. From his favorite brother dying in a fatal steam … Continue reading

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The Humor from Darkness

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The Hidden Literature and History of King Philip’s War

Kings Philip’s war was known as the “last major effort” by the Native Americans to push out the colonists of their homeland. The war started with differences in trade partners as well as the colonists expanding their territories. The war … Continue reading

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