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The Working Class in “The Red Wheelbarrow”

The idea of simplicity to elicit a sense of imagery in “The Red Wheelbarrow” has essentially been beaten down again and again through repetitive analyses. However, there is more to this poem than just that, and it lies in symbolism … Continue reading

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The Test of Temptation: SIN-k or Swim

Temptation is often the impetus for human beings failing to adhere to what is just and moral. Human beings are constantly being tested, and sometimes failure occurs due to the influence of temptation. This motif is evidenced in Hawthorne’s, The Scarlet … Continue reading

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“The Warrior is Here, Now”

  Often times so many of us forget the importance of happiness. That, or we lose the true sense of ourselves in the pursuit of other materialistic objects in life. For me Dan Millman creates an eye-opening account of the … Continue reading

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Life Death and Immortality

The stark contrast of Edna to her society and the differentiating images depicted in Thomas Cole’s painting, Life, Death, and Immortality prove that the key element used in both works is juxtaposition. Cole’s painting provides three contrasting, symbolic human images … Continue reading

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