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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.

Reflect on and Locate Chinua Achebe’s Post Colonial Novel, Things Fall Apart

Let’s enjoy this informative interview with Nigerian author Chinua Achebe that was recorded fifty years after the publication of his novel, Things Fall Apart. View this interview and take notes on a few items. First note what was Achebe’s first … Continue reading

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Best Practices for Effective Blog

Does this image help you revise all the parts and nuances of a successful blog post? Importantly, did you need to revise your prose at all to incorporate well your media? This list will also help you will smaller details, … Continue reading

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Dear Will on TNT #WillTNT

As scholars of a Shakespeare course at Suffield Academy, we have spent the past year studying the works of the greatest playwright of all time. When we first heard about Will on TNT, we could not contain our excitement. We would … Continue reading

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Learners Appreciate Feedback

As one of the most essential part of learning is getting feedback on your writing. Let’s also take time to share what we learned about our present Biblical allusion reflections and follow this helpful protocol. These PQP steps will help … Continue reading

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Let’s Begin Our Discussion of Donne with a Cinematic Hook

This is a great scene from the movie, Wit. Though the scene stands on its own and inspires a re-reading of Donne’s Death Be Not Proud, Holy Sonnet X, you can learn more about the rest of the movie here: Before … Continue reading

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Let’s Use Malcolm Gladwell’s Podcast to Introduce Kate Chopin’s The Awakening

Malcolm Gladwell examines the story of this famous painting to begin his podcast. Below is an image of Calling the Roll After An Engagement, Crimea, better known as The Roll Call. I used the image from Wikipedia; it is an 1874 oil-on-canvas … Continue reading

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Create a Compelling Argument

In 4-6 sentences (of Standard English), make an argument for the best AP Prompt that illuminates the most profound literary qualities of Cather’s novel, My Antonia. If someone else has claimed the same prompt that you had in mind, then … Continue reading

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Utilizing Great TV Writing to Appreciate Shakespeare

We’re using this great PBS show to appreciate character development in our Shakespeare’s Comedies class. In particular, this documentary helped us appreciate strong female characters as well as the most comic archetype that finds a way to express ideas that … Continue reading

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Sharing Our Best AP English Lit Multiple Choice Questions

In an attempt to understand how to navigate AP Multiple Choice questions, we spent a night composing some. Here are our three best to date. We would appreciate any positive feedback in our comments below. HB’s Multiple Choice question is … Continue reading

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Got Time Management?

Over the past weeks, it has been fun getting to know new students in the Crowsnest and observing growth in those who are back for another voyage. It was also fun to start the year doing creative work with the … Continue reading

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