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I am an English teacher working with great students at Suffield Academy. I also teach seniors in various project-based learning environments. Some of the #PBL topics included global issues, such as Pandemics, Climate Change, and Water; more recently I have asked students to research and identify topics important to our school community and their generation. We curate these topics with a #StudentCenteredPBL. For the past eleven years, I also created a driving question for a class to research a local history mystery and present their findings in a community program partnering with our local historical society. These topics encompass researching the lives of enslaved individuals who were contributors to the foundation of our community.

Leveraging this year’s Booker Prize Short List for #PBL

How can we measure growth or create a capstone assessment at the top of a vertical design? How can we ask students to figure out what makes a novel literary? More specifically in each work of fiction, how do we … Continue reading

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Appreciating Our Literature Circles aka #LitCircles

How can we measure growth or create a capstone assessment at the top of a vertical design? What makes a novel literary? How do we locate a novel’s literary qualities? How can a project encourage opportunities for life-long reading? How … Continue reading

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How can we apply an interdisciplinary approach to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein?

We will return to the “In Our Time” podcast to open our unit on “The Modern Era.” This particular podcast will help us appreciate Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and promises to be quite a podcast. It has been noted to be … Continue reading

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What Will You Create for the Sonnet Project?

This sonnet project will be a great learning opportunity for you to express your understanding of Shakespeare’s language and content as well as how it might illuminate something of our humanity today. While I have been giving time lengths for … Continue reading

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Let’s Celebrate Divergent Thinking!

Do you see how one thing these two thinkers have in common about explaining divergent thinking involves school? With that in mind, let’s leave behind your school brain and enjoy this moment to foster a new cognitive skill that helps … Continue reading

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Let’s Have Each Student Design a Project in our British Literature Survey

What is project-based learning? Let’s start by celebrating this diagram that will explain our instructional goals during this creative and meaningful learning process. After deliberate reflection, the way for us to enter into this great mode of learning is for … Continue reading

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Aiming for a Learner-Driven Classroom

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Make One Critical Observation between Shakespeare & Sting

What is happening in the Sting song, “Consider Me Gone”? In five to seven sentences of Standard English, create a critical observation about Sting’s lyrics. Be sure to supply at least one word, phrase, or line of textual evidence to … Continue reading

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How did The Last Lecture Inspire You?

While you may know that the word inspiration means to motivate or stimulate, the word inspiration derives from the root spiritus, which means breath. Part of the reason why we say “God bless you” to someone who sneezes, is that we … Continue reading

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Why #PBL for Students Today?

While this recent PBS documentary Cyber Work and the American Dream reports serious concerns about the future, there are some positive suggestions about how to get this current generation ready for their turbulent careers ahead of them. Students today must … Continue reading

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