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Quests: The One Motif to Rule Them All

Of all the literary themes and motifs, only one shines above the rest. This motif has been present in mankind’s first works of literature, and it is fundamental to our own existence. This vital theme is the Quest. Quests are … Continue reading

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William Carlos Williams Wikipedia Addition

The following is to be added to the “Poetry” section of Williams’s wikipedia article: Throughout his poems, Williams celebrated the simple aspects of life – landscapes, changing seasons, baseball games, etc. His appreciation of simplicity in life was apparent in … Continue reading

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Biblical Serpents in American Literature

The Bible tells the first installment of the story of the human race, and from the very beginning, humans have had to deal with temptation. In the Bible, a snake personifies the Devil, who in turn personifies temptation, and Adam and … Continue reading

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“Made to Stick” Book Review – What makes an idea spread?

No matter who you are, where you live, or what you do for a living, you have to communicate ideas on a regular basis. “Made to Stick,” by brothers Chip and Dan Heath, focuses on the qualities of a “sticky” … Continue reading

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Benjamin Franklin – America’s Self-Made Man

Ben Franklin, born in 1706, embodies a growing trend in his century – the concept of the self-made man and the ability to climb up in status throughout life. In Europe, people generally remained of the same status they were … Continue reading

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