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Silence of the Iambs

When it comes to the poetry of Sylvia Plath, every syllable counts, and the usage of each sound device serves a specific purpose. On a similar note, her ability to create hesitation and pause through her carefully placed punctuation is … Continue reading

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Without a Shepherd, the Flock Has No Story

The shepherds of the Bible are known for their leadership, but the most important element of these characters is not what they do, but what they see. The shepherds of the Nativity Story would be unable to tell the story of Christ’s … Continue reading

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Split Personalities

When compared to themes of isolation and innocence in a novel, the concept of overcoming human nature is quite difficult to tackle. In Divergent by Veronica Roth, the world is split into five factions, each valuing a specific attribute of … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Bridge

In Daisy Miller and the painting Brooklyn Bridge by Henry Ward Ranger, juxtaposition is utilized. In the painting, the lively atmosphere of the city contrasts the tranquility of the water. This distinction closely resembles the different parts of Daisy Miller’s … Continue reading

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