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Adrienne Rich: An Advocate

Adrienne Rich has been nationally recognized for her outstanding poetry, but she does not feel that she should receive such honors. In 1997, Rich refused to accept the National Medal for the Arts, which was granted to her by the … Continue reading

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Hearts in the Bible and in Literature

Most people have heard the phrase, “Have a heart,” which most often means to be merciful and compassionate to someone. This motif is seen in the Bible in Matthew chapter 5 verse 8 when Jesus says, “Blessed are the pure … Continue reading

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Déjà Vu in Literature

Certain connections can be made between novels regarding characters, plots, and motifs. In Thomas Foster’s book he illustrates these similarities in chapter five entitled “Now, where have I seen her before?” This chapter describes how often times authors are inspired … Continue reading

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top 3 ways to live with a purpose. by lexi, jenna, bailey, kate

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