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Elizabeth Bishop’s Relationship With Nature in Poetry

Elizabeth Bishop’s poetry is full of imagery that can transport the reader to any of the settings she writes about. Her ability to use these settings and the subject of nature in poetry to reflect on other themes such as … Continue reading

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The Job of a Prophet: Biblical Allusions in American Literature

Biblical allusions show up constantly in classic American literature. For example, the story of the last supper contains the popular motif of Jesus as a prophet. A prophet in literature can be someone who chooses not to conform to societal … Continue reading

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“Crewel” an Up and Coming Novel With Endless Potential

The dystopian novel Crewel by Gennifer Albin is a very original book with an interesting, complex, and well-developed concept. The world Crewel is set in is explained with masterful detail. The concept is extremely intriguing. Critics on say, “If … Continue reading

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