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Ginsberg’s Inspiration

Allen Ginsberg was an incredibly radical poet that shaped a generation and sparked a societal revolution. Ginsberg was not a first generation rebel as his mother truly shaped the way he acted. Allen Ginsberg’s mom, Naomi, had an incredible yet … Continue reading

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The Power of Resurrection

 The theme of resurrection is one of the most prevalent in all of literature because of where it stems from. The motif of resurrection first resided within the Bible.Three days after the death of Jesus, his mother Mary visited his tomb. … Continue reading

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A Portrait of Friendship

“ A good friend knows all your best stories, a best friend has lived them with you.” The novel, The Teammates, a New York Times bestseller written by David Halberstam, certainly lives up to its high praise. It is depicted … Continue reading

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George Washington and Huckleberry Finn Actually Have Something in Common

The illustration of George Washington crossing the icy Delaware River will forever be a symbol of American strength, especially during a time of hardship. This nineteenth century painting, while known by most, is not often analyzed for its potential in … Continue reading

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