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Breaking Many Barriers

 Arthur Ashe, a professional tennis player and activist, widely broke many racial barriers through his talents not only as a tennis player, but also as an all-around leader.  Arthur Ashe was and still is to this day, the only African- … Continue reading

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Twain’s outlook on African-Americans

Only Twain’s Opinion In Ken Burn’s video about Mark Twain, Burns describes how Twain thought of Huck and Jim and how he created these characters. Specifically, he talks about African Americans in relation to Jim. Twain’s opinion of African-Americans was … Continue reading

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Four Pictures Dramatizing the Father-Son Plot

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Complex Compact

  In the 1600s, groups of Separatist’s carried out expeditions to find new settlement and colonize land.  However, these groups of people started off as companies due to their economic interests.  For example, the Plymouth Company was primarily working on … Continue reading

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