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Does a Woman’s Right to Privacy Extend After Death?

Does a Woman’s Right to Privacy Extend After Death? An interesting idea that I was not able to explore in my paper was the after-death mischief regarding Anne Sexton’s records of therapy and hospitalization. These records, many years later, were … Continue reading

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Biblical Allusions to Mountains in Literature

The importance of mountains in the Bible is without a doubt very large. The mountain that is most important in the Bible is Mount Sinai where Moses received from God the Ten Commandments. The mountain in this scene signifies importance and … Continue reading

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Learning through Magic

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone teaches the value of education, imagination, and problem solving skills to readers of all ages. This creative novel written by J.K. Rowling embodies the dreams and fantasies of many through creating the main character, … Continue reading

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Mountains and Aunts vs. Fields and Daisy

The contrast in light to dark and warm to cold accurately depicts the juxtaposition of Daisy against her society in Daisy Miller. This painting by Thomas Moran compares the bright, shining, and snow covered mountains, to the shadowed, grassy, and … Continue reading

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