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Message Behind the Trees

Gods and temples are two common things that most people worship and respect. Trees are not as prominent and some people might say that it’s pointless to worship something like a tree. However, some believed that holy spirits are inside … Continue reading

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“Kill Claudio”

“Kill Claudio” is a phrase that should surprise many people. After seeing it in the text, I was shocked, but I was even more shocked when we get to see the movie. It was interesting because this is when Benedick … Continue reading

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Suspension of Disbelief Leading to Dramatic Irony

Something I found interesting and confusing in the movie She’s the Man is how easy it is to spot that Viola is a woman. She always forgets to change her voice or to act like a man, yet no one … Continue reading

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The Secretive Woman – Viola de Lesseps

Smart, rich, beautiful, and resilience are words that perfectly describe this young lady, who wants to be an actor in Elizabethan England. Viola played a major role in Shakespeare’s life, that he named one of his major characters in his play, … Continue reading

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