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T.S. Eliot

T.S. Eliot was and is known as one of the most influential writers of the modern era of literature. His original formatting and ideas brought a new refreshing view to poetry, and his messages about the time period are still … Continue reading

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A Blossoming Fragmentation of Reality

  Salvador Dali’s Rose Meditative is a profound modern painting that illuminates numerous elements of modernism. Lacking an entire stem, a large rose dominates the landscape as an isolated, mysterious object. This provocative, modern aspect of the painting catches the … Continue reading

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Painting by Thomas Birch

Juxtaposition is when two contrasting elements are put next to each other to cause an effect of opposition. This painting by Thomas Birch in 1806 demonstrates juxtaposition similarly to The Scarlet Letter. Throughout the The Scarlet Letter, there are many … Continue reading

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Man’s Relationship with Nature in 19th Century America

In modern times, it is seemingly impossible to locate something natural and untouched by mankind. However, in eighteenth and nineteenth century America, European colonists arrived and settled on land preserved extremely well by its native people. Towns were established in … Continue reading

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George Washington and Huckleberry Finn Actually Have Something in Common

The illustration of George Washington crossing the icy Delaware River will forever be a symbol of American strength, especially during a time of hardship. This nineteenth century painting, while known by most, is not often analyzed for its potential in … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Bridge

In Daisy Miller and the painting Brooklyn Bridge by Henry Ward Ranger, juxtaposition is utilized. In the painting, the lively atmosphere of the city contrasts the tranquility of the water. This distinction closely resembles the different parts of Daisy Miller’s … Continue reading

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This book cover is from early america and it represents romanticism because of the elaborate detail and color that is on it. This may be seen as an element of nature in a way because of the unique usage of … Continue reading

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River of Light

In the painting El Rio de Luz by Frederic Edwin Church it relates to romanticism because it is a great example of nature. Frederic titled his painting, El Rio de Luz, which means The River of Light. The River of Light is … Continue reading

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Romanticism in Approaching Thunder Storm

This painting entitled Approaching Thunder Storm, Martin Johnson Heade, is a painting of romanticism. This painting main focus is on nature. The painter shows little inlet that has not been taken over by the thunderstorm yet. The painting also dramatizes … Continue reading

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Stay Afloat to Pass the Test

There are multiple motifs present in The Flood, but the two that overpower the rest are a test and water. In the beginning of this story, God explains to Noah that violence has lead to a corrupt world. Due to … Continue reading

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