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Excited to Share my Ideas about #PBL with #NENTS17 Colleagues

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Welcome to Design Thinking: It’s Your Future

Utilizing Design Thinking skills will be important for your success in the future. In order for you to experience this design thinking process, I want to challenge you as a class to enter the design thinking process and eventually design … Continue reading

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Local History Mystery for 2016-17 #PBL Quest

What Happened in Your Town During The Pivotal Year of 1774? Freedom, Slavery, and the Complexities of 1774 In response to the Boston Tea Party (1773), Parliament drafted the the Coercive Acts in 1774, and residents throughout the thirteen colonies … Continue reading

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Twitter & TweetDeck Can Dramatically Change Your #PLN!

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Great Flipped Ted Talk from our CAIS Planning Retreat!

Sir Ken Robinson

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