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Gilligan Little Buddy: A Castaway Misfit

My personal favorite misfit archetype is Gilligan from the sixties television comedy show Gilligan’s Island. The set of the comedy is on a remote island in the Pacific where the main characters, from an array of diverse backgrounds, find themselves … Continue reading

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In the movie, we see how Shakespeare uses to create the basses for the first play presented. He says “I was going to make you immortal”, showing that he truly felt that his writings would in the future be treasures. This … Continue reading

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Forever Youthful The novel The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde not only is an interesting depiction of fantasy, it also contains some of the most developed and thought out characters ever depicted in writing. The namesake of the book, … Continue reading

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The New Trailer for The Great Gatsby

I cam curious to see this movie. I really dislike the Robert Redford version. We’ll see how these actors capture these characters on the screen. What do others think?

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