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Keeping it Real: A Podcast on Real Life by Brandon Taylor

To conclude our PBL project, we took to the mic and created a podcast centered around our discussions of Brandon Taylor’s Real Life. Listen to it here on Soundcloud.

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Why Do You Think Solitude is Important in Today’s Culture?

The goal of this blog post is to begin a conversation during the first night of study hall tonight among students in all four of my classes about individuals’ reaction to this year’s community theme. This year’s theme of solitude … Continue reading

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Community Happens! What’s Your Take-away?

English teachers often challenge students to invest time and thought into their essays. We make handouts, write notes in the margin of essays, give pep talks, and repeatedly suggest to students the need to reflect on one’s thesis. One of … Continue reading

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Let’s Celebrate Our Community Theme of Balance in Brown’s Boys In The Boat

Brown’s book was such an interesting non-fiction book. Enjoy this video about the book and hopefully it will help you ruminate over some of your favorite passages. Then, in 5-7 sentences of Standard English, explain what scene, pattern, or theme … Continue reading

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Let’s Continue Our Conversation About Jamie Ford’s Novel

Our first digital classroom endeavor will be to continue our class conversation of the community text in the “comment” thread of this classroom blog. Enjoy this short video made by our upcoming visitor, Jamie Ford. Then, reflect over the novel and consider … Continue reading

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