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Patterns of Fabric

Visual media can add a lot to the meaning of a work as a whole. Amy Lowell’s poem “Patterns” is one of her most famous works. Artwork inspired by this poem assists in the understanding of themes being conveyed. The … Continue reading

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Create a Compelling Argument

This is just to let you know that the technology department in the Crowsnest likes to connect literature to modern movies; enjoy this trailer from the interesting and entertaining teen movie, Easy A. Though by no means a rendition of Hawthorne’s … Continue reading

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Closing With Our First Assignment

We began this #PBL journey at the start of the winter trimester, and this story as well as the students’ own posts sustained an authentic innovator’s mindset. It was fun to revisit this work at the close of class because … Continue reading

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Managing Time and Workflow

Let’s tap into the optimism that the new year provides and consider ways to improve how we complete our homework assignments. When we step back into the winter trimester in January, let’s explore a time-management technique, called the Pomodoro Technique. Use … Continue reading

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Can a Podcast Help Cultivate a Growth Mindset in the Classroom? Let’s have fun learning about this now ubiquitous App Instagram evolved, and then we will examine how we can adopt elements of their success story as we begin our first steps in our own project-based learning journey. So how … Continue reading

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Create a Compelling Argument

In 4-6 sentences (of Standard English), make an argument for the best AP Prompt that illuminates the most profound literary qualities of Cather’s novel, My Antonia. If someone else has claimed the same prompt that you had in mind, then … Continue reading

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