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Effects of WWII in Wallace Steven’s Poetry

While not actually fighting in World War II, 60-year-old Wallace Stevens was able to convey the emotions of the civilians in the United States and other countries. Stevens’ poems about the war show the paranoia and universal feeling of pain … Continue reading

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T.S. Eliot’s Wikipedia Editing

Formatting: Move “Conversion to Anglicanism and British Citizenship” to before “Teaching, Lloyds, Faber and Faber”. Put “Separation and Remarriage” as a sub-subcategory of “Marriage”. Put “Awards” as a subcategory of “Death and Honours”.   Content: Add McCombe’s theory on Eliot’s … Continue reading

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Maya Angelou: Wikipedia Proposal

Structural Edits Move poetry section to under the Works subheader, creating an autobiography and a poetry section Change name of subheader “Style and genre in autobiographies” to “Literary and Poetic Style” Content Edits Add list of her poetry collection under … Continue reading

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Sharing Your Expertise Evolves into Creative Assessment Opportunity

  Create a blog post with this content first. We will use class time on Wednesday to add the content to Wikipedia. Let’s have everyone in our class review the Wikipedia page of his/her term paper poet. What do you … Continue reading

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