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Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg, in every sense, was a man of the people. He worked countless labor jobs as a young man like delivering milk, harvesting ice, and shining shoes. The experience that undoubtedly shaped Sandburg the most as a poet was … Continue reading

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Langston Hughes: Jazz Poetry

In addition to his strong views about religion and the overall status of the African population in America, Langston Hughes is well known for the use of musical devices in his poetry. He made his poems unique by using sound … Continue reading

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Though No Relation, Kate Chopin Utilizes Frederic Chopin in her Literature

The following homage to Chopin also highlights the piano music from this great movie, The Pianist. I highly recommend that movie. We want to take in the music and appreciate the drama and tension that Chopin (the composer) creates in … Continue reading

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Extra Credit Opportunity for Writing a Paragraph After the School Play

Into the Woods is a great musical! The Broadway Musical archival staff in the Crowsnest has dug up a great clip to get you excited to watch your classmates perform. If you want to submit an extra credit paragraph after … Continue reading

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Using Strange Fruit to Add Context to Steinbeck’s Chapter 4 Of Mice and Men

Abel Meeropol’s haunting song, Strange Fruit, is considered one of the first protest songs regarding the issue of lynching that was still a large American issue in 1939. English I folks are reading Steinbeck’s novel, which was published in 1937, … Continue reading

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What is Sting Doing with Shakespeare?

What is happening in the Sting song, “Consider Me Gone”? In five to seven sentences of Standard English, create a critical observation about Sting’s lyrics. Be sure to supply at least one line of textual evidence to support your point. … Continue reading

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Let’s Connect the “Unfairness of Things” to a Classic Song

Harry Chapin is famous for his song, “Cats in the Cradle.” Review the lyrics, listen to the song, and then make a connection to our short story, “So Much Unfairness of Things,” by C.D.B. Bryan (who went to Berkshire School). … Continue reading

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