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Metacomet Trail

The Metacomet Trail extends from the Long Island Sound to the Massachusetts Vermont border. One of the trails for the UGRR travels the same path from the Long Island Sound but up past Vermont. The Metacomet trail is the map … Continue reading

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Check Out Walter Littlemoon’s Story in Thick Dark Cloud

Enjoy this video about the movie, The Thick Dark Cloud, as it might help you remember your reading of Walter Littlemoon’s memoir this summer. Then reflect on the text and consider these two questions carefully.  What is the most important … Continue reading

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Reverend Seargent’s Work at the Mission House in Stockbridge Juxtaposes Well with Reverend Gay’s Career

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The Lighthouse Tour at Peoples State Forest

This trail in Peoples State Forest is another reminder that colonial artifacts can be just off any nature trail in the state of Connecticut. The signs along the trail are very informative as they point out parts of the community, … Continue reading

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More Than Just a Hike–Mt. Sugarloaf or Wequamps, Which Means a Place where a Hill Drops Off.

I think amazing views can open the mind in a great way—a metanoia experience—to reflect on how relatively short a period of time European or “modern” culture has been living and working in the Connecticut River Valley: Four hundred years … Continue reading

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Great Closure for Week Three. Check out this This Other Tennis Team Applying Dweck’s Growth Mindset Ideas.

Suffield Academy Girls Varsity Tennis (6) v. Pomfret School (1). April 14, 2012 1st Singles Sarah Berchuck 6-0, 6-1 1st Doubles Lexi Bicknell & Lucy Zimmermann 6-4, 6-2. 2nd Singles Briell Smith 6-1, 6-0 2nd Doubles Hailey Burke & Annie … Continue reading

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Black Hawk

Black Hawk was apart of the Sauk Nation. He stood apart from society when the United States Government tricked the Indians into signing off their land and thus proceeded to force them off it; Black Hawk returned, knowing the Americans … Continue reading

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